The scholar of music learns how to wield music as a tool, a weapon, and a defense. He sees the melodies and tunes in the world around him and can use them even under extraordinary duress to access information and … Continue reading


The scholar of engineering is an expert of assembling and disassembling things. He understands physical puzzles and solves them with ease. As he advances his studies, he learns to move through mechanical landscapes with a supernatural ease and fluidity. Field … Continue reading


The student of warfare takes his extensive knowledge of historical battles and tactics and applies it to the situation at hand. He can convert theory into practical advice which aids his allies in a variety of situations. Ultimately he can … Continue reading


Some scholars study a set of weapons extensively, learning their use, history, and character. A scholar of arms learns how to use his studied weapons with great skill, how to judge other users of the same weapons, and how to … Continue reading


Many scholars are lured to the field of alchemy by the promise of riches and youth. They learn how to mix and match substances, how to create powerful items from base ingredients, and ultimately how to transform their own anatomies … Continue reading