Your contract is one with the cosmos itself. The primal forces of evolution have manifested within you; your barrier separates the fit from the unfit and your beam decimates those who would defile the natural order. Barrier Effect: Contractors with … Continue reading


You have been called upon to fulfill someone's wish. You may not even know it, but you have a special purpose in this world, and the strands of fate seem to rearrange themselves to allow you to complete your purpose. … Continue reading


You were in the path of a rampaging magical beast. Rather than attack you, however, it resonated with you, and you developed a special relationship. You ground it in the material plane, and it lends you its power in combat. … Continue reading

Crimson Realm

You have made contact with the lord of another plane, and in exchange for doing his bidding you gain his ability to manipulate a particular element. Barrier Effect: Contractors with the crimson realm contract enhance their barriers with elemental power. … Continue reading

Buster Device

You draw your powers from a sentient weapon. It feeds you its magical power and allows you to fight with it in exchange for your services and remuneration. Barrier Effect: Contractors with the buster device contract hone their combat ability. … Continue reading

Alien Pact

You made a deal with an extraterrestrial. It promised you god-like powers, and you got them—at the price of your soul. Barrier Effect: Contractors with the alien pact contract can push their bodies further within their barriers. While within your … Continue reading