Not every contractor is a walking tactical weapon. Some eschew traditional flashy beam attacks, instead supplementing their magic with straightforward defensive combat ability. The guardian uses shields, and uses them well, as well as being able to single out foes … Continue reading

Outsea Delver

The Outsea delver is an alchemist archetype I created and submitted for round 2 of RPG Superstar 2013. For reference's sake, I have duplicated the prompt below. I am currently waiting for permission to post the archetype on this site; … Continue reading

Red Mage

Red magic is an ancient arcane tradition that blends offensive spells, curative magic, and melee combat. While red mages do not belong to an organization, they tend to wear distinctive garb and share mannerisms and signals, allowing them to recognize … Continue reading

Black Mage

Blasting is never an optimal goal in character-building. Many spellcasters can accomplish decent blasting on top of their battlefield control, utility, and other god spells, but only sorcerers can really blast, and even then, it's a poor choice of resources. … Continue reading


For some rogues, there is only thievery. They specialize in picking up weapons and gear and using them to devastate those from whom they were stolen. The appropriator forsakes the rogue's normal focus on trapfinding and dilutes her study of … Continue reading


Swiftblades are arcane warriors who have devoted themselves to magic that increases speed. They excel in wide-area combat, and their abilities make their movements harder to predict. Class Skills: At 1st level, a swiftblade adds Acrobatics (Dex) to his list … Continue reading