Perks Prerequisites Benefits
Acid Beam*Beam attacks deal acid damage
Aligned Barrier**7th-level contractorYour barrier acts as a magical circle
Ambient EnergyCast arcane cantrips within your barrier
Barrier Acceleration**+1 to AC and Reflex inside barrier
Barrier Blink6th-level contractorBecome invisible inside barrier
Barrier Celerity**Barrier acceleration, 12th-level contractorGain benefits of haste inside barrier
Barrier JacketBarrier confers scaling armor bonus
Barrier JumpBarrier blink, 14th-level contractorTeleport inside your barrier
Beam-Touched WeaponsMelee attacks deal energy damage inside barrier
Burning Beam*Beam attacks ignite creatures and objects
Buster ShieldBuster device, tower shield proficiencyTransform buster device into tower shield at will
Concentrate BeamShort-range beam attack deals bonus damage
Cozy Barrier**6th-level contractorYour barrier functions as a tiny hut
Dark Beam*Beam attack deals negative energy damage
Elemental Barrier**Creatures in your barrier gain elemental resistance
Entangling Barrier**5th-level contractorVines entangle foes within your barrier
Ethereal Beam*Beam attack deals full damage to ghosts
Force Beam*10th-level contractorBeam attack deals force damage, knocks prone
Frost Beam*Beam attack deals cold damage, staggers
Holy Beam*Beam attack deals positive energy damage
Improved MascotMascot, 6th-level contractorYour familiar grows more powerful
Mascot6th-level contractorGain a familiar as a wizard
Residual EnergyAmbient energy, 6th-level contractorAmbient energy in your barrier pushes spells and beams further
Shape Beam4th-level contractorBeam attack can be a cone, bolt, or burst
Shocking Beam*Beam attack deals electricity damage, dazzles
Sighted Barrier**10th-level contractorSee auras in your barrier
SmiteGain the ability to smite some foes
Sound Beam*6th-level contractorBeam attack deals sonic damage
Starlight BreakerResidual energy, 10th-level contractorDeplete ambient energy in barrier to charge beam
Talented MascotImproved mascot, 10th-level contractorYour familiar gains supernatural powers
Twin Energy Beam*Beam attack deals damage of 2 energy types

Acid Beam*

When the contractor fires a beam, she can choose to have it inflict acid damage. Creatures hit by an acid beam take an additional 1d6 points of acid damage 1 round later.

Aligned Barrier**

Prerequisites: 7th-level contractor.

Select one alignment. When the contractor projects her barrier, she can create a magic circle effect against that alignment (as magic circle against evil) with an area equal to that of her barrier. The circle may be focused either inward or outward, as the spell. The contractor cannot augment this circle with a diagram, but there is no actual circle of powdered silver to be disturbed. A creature trapped within an aligned barrier must somehow force the contractor to dismiss her barrier, or simply wait until her barrier rounds run out, in order to escape.

Ambient Energy

The contractor feeds on the magical energies captured by her barrier, enhancing her magic. Select two 0-level spells from the sorcerer/wizard spell list. The contractor may cast these at will as spell-like abilities within her barrier, using her contractor level as her caster level. The save DC for this abilities is Charisma-based.

Barrier Acceleration**

The contractor gains a +1 Dodge bonus to AC and a +1 circumstance bonus on her Reflex saving throws within her barrier. These benefits do not stack with similar bonuses from haste effects.

Barrier Blink

Prerequisites: 6th-level contractor.

As a swift action, a contractor inside her barrier can expend 1 of her daily barrier rounds to vanish, as the spell, for 1 round. She becomes visible if she leaves her barrier.

Barrier Jacket

The energies of the contractor's barrier shield her from physical harm. While inside her barrier, the contractor receives a +4 armor bonus to AC. At 7th level, and every odd-numbered level thereafter, this bonus increases by +1.

Barrier Jump

Prerequisites: Barrier blink, 14th-level contractor.

As a move action, a contractor inside her barrier can teleport to any other location within her barrier as a move action by expending 2 of her daily barrier rounds. This movement does not provoke attacks of opportunity. A contractor must have line of sight to her destination to use this ability. She can bring other willing creatures with her, but must expend an additional 2 daily barrier rounds for each creature brought.

Beam-Touched Weapons

Within her barrier, the contractor's successful melee attacks deal an extra 1d6 energy damage. The energy type must be one that the contractor can apply to her beam (so fire is always an option; if the contractor has the holy beam perk, she can select positive energy). This extra damage does not stack with extra damage from weapon special abilities, and is not multiplied on a critical hit. The contractor may select this perk multiple times, each time adding 1d6 of another energy type to her melee attacks within her barrier.

Burning Beam*

When the contractor fires a beam, she can choose to amplify its flame. Creatures who fail their saves against a burning beam catch fire, taking 1d6 points of fire damage each round until the fire is extinguished. Flammable objects in the area of a burning beam also light up, on top of taking the beam's damage.

Buster Shield

Prerequisites: Buster device contract, proficiency with tower shields.

As a standard action, the contractor may transform her buster device into a worn tower shield and back. The contractor may do this as an immediate action instead by spending 1 point from her buster device's divine pool. Transforming the tower shield back into a weapon is a swift action. In shield form, the buster device retains its personality and all of its abilities. The shield always bears a distinctive crest aesthetically linked to the buster device's true appearance.

Concentrate Beam

When the contractor fires a beam, she can choose to focus its energy directly in front of her. The length of the line attack becomes 10 feet, but creatures in that area take an additional amount of damage equal to the contractor's level.

Cozy Barrier**

Prerequisites: 6th-level contractor.

The contractor's barrier functions as a tiny hut of its radius, except that any number of creatures may occupy it at a time. Any creatures in the barrier when it is projected can enter and exit freely, as well as up to nine other Medium creatures of the contractor's choosing.

Dark Beam*

When the contractor fires a beam, she can choose to have it sear her enemies with negative energy. This only harms creatures who are normally harmed by negative energy (such as most living creatures), and has no effect (not even healing) on all other creatures. Creatures in the area of a dark beam must make a Will save to take half damage, not a Reflex save.

Elemental Barrier**

Creatures inside the contractor's barrier gain Resistance 5 against one type of elemental damage. The contractor selects the element when she selects this perk. At 6th, 12th, and 18th levels, this resistance increases by 5, to a maximum of 20. A contractor may take this perk up to two times, each time selecting a different element.

Entangling Barrier**

Prerequisites: 5th-level contractor.

When the contractor projects her barrier, she can choose for magical vines to burst from the ground within it. This does not permanently damage the soil or floor—when her barrier is dismissed, the vines disappear and the ground repairs itself.

The contractor can select any number of creatures within her barrier when she creates this effect. Those creatures must make Reflex saves or become entangled by thorny vines, as the spell. They remain entangled until they break free or the barrier is dismissed, whichever comes first. Creatures that enter the area after the barrier is projected do not risk becoming entangled, but the entire barrier is considered difficult terrain while the effect lasts.

Ethereal Beam*

Prerequisites: 6th-level contractor.

The contractor can fire a ghost-beam that deals full damage to ethereal and incorporeal creatures and half damage to corporeal creatures.

Force Beam*

Prerequisites: 10th-level contractor.

When the contractor fires a beam, she can choose to have it inflict force damage. A force beam's damage dice are decreased by one step. Creatures who fail their save against a force beam are knocked prone.

Frost Beam*

When the contractor fires a beam, she can choose to have it inflict cold damage. Creatures hit by a frost beam are staggered on their next turn unless they succeed on a Fortitude save.

Holy Beam*

When the contractor fires a beam, she can choose to have it sear her enemies with positive energy. This only harms creatures who are normally harmed by positive energy (such as undead), and has no effect (not even healing) on all other creatures. Creatures in the area of a holy beam must make a Will save to take half damage, not a Reflex save.

Improved Mascot

Prerequisites: Mascot, 8th-level contractor.

The contractor uses her full level when determining the powers of her familiar, rather than her contractor level - 3.


Prerequisites: 6th-level contractor.

The contractor gains the service of a weak magical creature. Treat this as a familiar, using the contractor's level - 3 as her effective wizard level. This familiar follows the rules for familiars presented in the arcane bond wizard class feature. If the contractor already has a familiar from another class, the effective wizard levels from those classes stack. The contractor may under no circumstances have multiple familiars.

Special: Contractors with the buster device or eidolon pacts may not select this perk.

Residual Energy

Prerequisites: Ambient energy, 6th-level contractor.

Each time a creature inside the contractor's barrier uses a spell, spell-like ability, or supernatural attack (like a beam), the barrier gains a 'residual energy point.' Every creature within the barrier gains an increase to caster level equal to the barrier's residual energy points for the purposes of determining spell range (this applies for beams as well). Additionally, the contractor receives an incremental +1 bonus to Perception and Spellcraft checks per point of residual energy. When a barrier is dismissed, all residual energy is lost.

Shape Beam

Prerequisites: 4th-level contractor.

When the contractor fires a beam, she can choose to alter its area of effect. She can choose to transform the beam into a 15-foot cone originating from her, a 30-foot vertical line targeting any one square within her barrier to which she has line of sight, or a 10-foot burst emanating from her. This decision need not be made when the contractor begins charging a beam.

Shocking Beam*

When the contractor fires a beam, she can choose to have it inflict electricity damage. Creatures who fail their save against a shocking beam are dazzled for 1d4 rounds.

Sighted Barrier**

Prerequisites: 10th-level contractor.

The contractor gains the benefits of arcane sight. This sight extends to the edge of her barrier.


The contractor gains the ability to smite once per day as a paladin of her level. When the contractor first selects this perk, she chooses one alignment diametrically opposed to her own (for instance, evil if she is good). That is the alignment she can smite. A contractor may take this perk one additional time per six contractor levels, each time gaining an additional daily use of smite.

Sound Beam*

Prerequisites: 6th-level contractor.

When the contractor fires a beam, she can choose to have it inflict sonic damage. A sound beam's damage dice are decreased by one step, except against crystalline creatures. Creatures hit by a sound beam are deafened for 1 minute unless they succeed at a Fortitude save.

Starlight Breaker

Prerequisites: Ambient energy, residual energy, 10th-level contractor.

A contractor may completely empty her barrier's residual energy reservoir when firing a beam. If she does so, the beam is treated as though she had charged it one round per point of residual energy depleted.

Talented Mascot

Prerequisites: Improved mascot, 10th-level contractor.

The contractor's familiar reveals a hidden talent. It gains 4 evolution points that can be spent on any configuration of the following evolutions: basic magic (1 point), unnatural aura (1 point), ability score increase (Intelligence or Wisdom only) (2 points), minor magic (2 points), major magic (3 points), breath weapon (4 points), dimension door (4 points), fast healing (4 points), incorporeal form (4 points), lifesense (4 points), or ultimate magic (4 points). If an evolution refers to or requires a Charisma score, use the familiar's Wisdom or its Intelligence, whichever of the two is higher. If any of these evolutions require that the familiar possess another evolution, ignore that requirement. When an evolution refers to the eidolon's hit dice, instead use the contractor's hit dice.

Twin Energy Beam*

When the contractor fires a beam, she can choose to have it inflict any two types of damage she could otherwise have it inflict. Half the damage is one type, the other half is the other. (So a contractor with the shocking beam perk could fire a beam that deals half fire damage, half electricity damage.)