Prerequisites: Improved mascot, 10th-level contractor.

The contractor's familiar reveals a hidden talent. It gains 4 evolution points that can be spent on any configuration of the following evolutions: basic magic (1 point), unnatural aura (1 point), ability score increase (Intelligence or Wisdom only) (2 points), minor magic (2 points), major magic (3 points), breath weapon (4 points), dimension door (4 points), fast healing (4 points), incorporeal form (4 points), lifesense (4 points), or ultimate magic (4 points). If an evolution refers to or requires a Charisma score, use the familiar's Wisdom or its Intelligence, whichever of the two is higher. If any of these evolutions require that the familiar possess another evolution, ignore that requirement. When an evolution refers to the eidolon's hit dice, instead use the contractor's hit dice.