The slower time within your bubble makes gravity less relevant.

Prerequisites: Slow Path.

Benefit: Creatures in your time bubble receive a circumstance bonus on Perform (dance), Acrobatics, and Fly skill checks equal to your tinker level. All creatures within your bubble are affected as by feather fall at all times. At 10th level, creatures within your bubble act as though affected by air walk.

Compression: You can levitate as the spell, at a rate of 30 feet per move action. At 6th level, you can fly, as the spell. When your compression ends, you are affected as by glide that lasts for 1 round for every three tinker levels (minimum 1) or until you touch the ground, whichever comes first.

Special: This tweak and Walking on the Sun are antithetical. If you possess both, you must choose which to apply each time you project your time bubble.