You form a secondary, miniature time bubble within your time bubble, providing a distortion effect between yourself and the rest of your bubble.

Prerequisite: 5th-level temporal tinker.

Benefit: You do not count as being within your own time bubble for the purposes of determining who suffers what distortion penalties. Thus, creatures other than you within your bubble receive the normal distortion penalty both against creatures outside the bubble and against you. You, likewise, receive the normal distortion penalty both against creatures inside and outside the bubble. This tweak does not affect creatures outside the bubble: their penalties remain the same against all creatures within the bubble, including you.

Compression: The complexity of your layered time manipulation eats away at your physicality. While compressing your bubble, you gain none of the bonuses to attack rolls, AC, Reflex saves, or skill checks normally associated with compression; instead, you flicker back and forth between the Material and Ethereal Planes, as though affected by blink.