Creatures drinking in your bubble enjoy longer-lasting effects.

Prerequisites: Slow Path.

Benefit: Creatures who consume a potent beverage within your time bubble find its effects amplified. Drunken brute barbarians gain 2 extra rounds of rage per alcoholic drink consumed while raging, instead of 1 round per drink. Drunken master monks retain their drunken ki points for 2 hours or until spent, whichever is longer, instead of 1 hour.

Compression: The durations of any potions you consume (either before or during your compression) are suspended for the duration of the compression. For example, if you have consumed a potion of haste (CL 5), it ordinarily has a duration of 5 rounds. If you immediately compress your time bubble, the duration remains at 5 as long as you maintain your compression, though the effects of the potion persist. When your compression ends, you would have 5 rounds of haste remaining.