Your time bubble is so layered that it blocks projectiles and perception.

Prerequisite: Layer Distortion, 7th-level temporal tinker.

Benefit: The closest a tinker can come to stopping time is to twist its threads so tightly that the flow of time is temporarily diverted. By layering intricacy upon intricacy, you can dam time around yourself, providing a meager barrier against the inevitable. Once per turn, you may nullify one ranged attack entering your bubble, as with Deflect Arrows. The attack doesn’t need to be targeting you, or even anyone inside your bubble—it merely needs to pass through the bubble. You do not need to have a free hand to use this ability.

Compression: By drawing the dams of time within yourself, you break the timescales of perception and divination, briefly disappearing completely from the senses of those around you. This functions as a combination of invisibility (greater) and nondetection, but see invisibility and true seeing do not penetrate it, and no anti-invisibility effects (glitterdust, dust of appearance, invisibility purge, etc.) reveal you. Abilities like blindsense and blindsight still operate. The DC of the caster level check for divination spells attempting to pierce the nondetection effect is 30. Scent, hearing, and tremorsense are all ineffective at detecting you.