Tremendous air vehicle

Squares varies; Cost priceless


AC 2; Hardness 8

hp 15 times number of squares

Base Save +0


Maximum Speed 80 ft.; Acceleration 20 ft.

CMB +10; CMD 20

Ramming Damage 10d8


This ship is made of stone and wood and usually crafted in the shape of a castle. It is held aloft purely by the charismatic roguery of a castle thief. If the castle thief exits the throne room or is slain, the flying castle becomes a normal castle and begins to plummet at its maximum speed. A flying castle can carry cargo and passengers depending on its size.

Propulsion castle thief

Driving Check Diplomacy

Forward Facing the castle's front gate

Driving Device none (magic)

Driving Space anywhere in the castle's throne room

Crew 0 (magic)

Decks depends on castle's layout