You draw your powers from a sentient weapon. It feeds you its magical power and allows you to fight with it in exchange for your services and remuneration.

Barrier Effect: Contractors with the buster device contract hone their combat ability. Within your barrier, you use your contractor level in place of your base attack bonus for all calculations thereupon based. Base attack bonuses granted from other classes are unaffected and are added normally.

Contract Powers: The following are the granted powers of the buster device contract.

Buster Device (Ex): At 1st level, you gain the use of your buster device in combat. The buster device may be any simple or martial melee weapon, and you are considered proficient in its use. Despite being magical at every level, at 1st level the weapon has no enhancement bonus and few powers. As you gain levels, its power increases. This ability counts as the black blade class feature for the purpose of qualifying for feats and prestige classes. If you have a buster device, you may never gain a familiar or bonded object, nor can you ever gain multiple intelligent weapons.

A buster device operates much like a black blade. Its ability scores, ego, languages, skills, and senses function in the same manner, except that its high ability score is Wisdom rather than Intelligence. Rather than an arcane pool, it has a divine pool, which has a number of points equal to 1 + its Wisdom bonus.

Where the buster device truly deviates from the black blade is in its abilities.

Table 1-3: Buster Device Progression

Class Level
Wis Int/Cha Ego Special
1st-2nd +0 10 6 3 Alertness, blaster, telepathy, unbreakable
3rd-4th +1 11 7 5
5th-6th +2 12 8 8 Shrink device
7th-8th +2 13 9 10
9th-10th +3 14 10 12 Teleport device
11th-12th +3 15 11 14
13th-14th +4 16 12 16 Transfer energy
15th-16th +4 17 13 18
17th-18th +5 18 14 22 Spell defense
19th-20th +5 19 15 24

Buster Device Purview: At 4th level, your buster device gains access to a cleric domain (or subdomain) as a cleric of your level - 3. It can use any granted powers to which it has access. It cannot gain feats or animal companions through this ability.

Combat Advice (Su): At 8th level, your buster device can suggest tactics and maneuvers at the crucial moment. When you form your barrier, once per day, select a combat feat for which you meet the prerequisites. You gain the benefits of that feat until you dismiss your barrier. You can use this ability one additional time at 14th and 20th levels.

Standby Ready: At 12th level, your buster device warns you of impending danger and helps you to react more quickly to danger. You gain Improved Initiative as a bonus feat.

Energy Scythe (Su): Your barrier crackles with energy, enhancing your combat ability with your buster device. At 16th level, your buster device's reach increases by 5 feet inside your barrier. Unlike most reach weapons, you can still use it to attack adjacent enemies.

Partnership (Su): At 20th level, your buster device is more than an employer, more than a source of power, more than a weapon to be wielded: it is your friend. The two of you have shown each other what great partners you are, and you work together in perfect sync. Telepathic advice from your buster device translates itself into a constant awareness of the world. You receive a +2 insight bonus on all saves and to AC. This bonus is doubled within your barrier. In addition, whenever you make an Intelligence-, Wisdom-, or Charisma-based skill check, your buster device automatically succeeds in an aid another check, granting you a +2 bonus on your check result.