This archetype package for the fighter alters or replaces the following class features: 1st-level fighter bonus feat, 6th-level fighter bonus feat, 10th-level fighter bonus feat, and 14th-level fighter bonus feat.

Many devote themselves directly to a deity or ideal, and not all of these have the skill or patience for magic. The devoted fighter is provided a few divine perks by his enormous faith, but is nevertheless a warrior.

Class Skills: A devoted fighter adds Knowledge (religion) (Int) to his list of class skills.

In The Name Of...: A devoted fighter selects a deity to pledge himself to at 1st level. He gains Weapon Focus with his deity's favored weapon as a bonus feat. If the devoted fighter is pledged to a philosophy or ideal rather than a god, he may select any weapon which somehow iconicizes his ideal (subject to GM discretion). This ability replaces the fighter bonus feat received at 1st level.

Religion Trait: At 1st level, a devoted fighter receives the religion trait for his deity if he doesn't already have it. Fighters devoted to a philosophy or ideal may select a religion trait suitable to their philosophy (subject to GM discretion).

Domains: Despite never taking the time to learn how to channel his faith into magic like a cleric or druid, a devoted fighter unlocks the primal element of his beliefs. At 6th level, the devoted fighter gains access to one domain in his deity's portfolio, or one domain suitable to his philosophy. At 14th level, the devoted fighter gains access to a second domain. His effective cleric level for all granted powers is equal to his fighter level -5. The devoted fighter does not gain any spellcasting ability from his domains. If a multiclassed devoted fighter gains domains from another class and these overlap with the domain(s) he chose with this ability, his effective cleric level for calculating what powers his domains grant him is equal to the sum of his effective cleric levels from all relevant classes. This ability replaces the fighter bonus feats received at 6th, 10th, and 14th levels.